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Hypo awareness week


As the title suggests, it is hypo awareness week this week. Thought I’d be dutiful and make you aware of hypos.
They are the thing I hate most about diabetes. As a bit of a control freak, I can cope with counting carbs, working out insulin ratios and have even surprised myself by being fine with injecting ( despite being ridiculously squeamish).
I hate the unpredictability and quick onset of hypos. You wouldn’t drink 5 vodkas at work at 10am in the morning, but on hypo days I might as well have done. The results are similar, except with the added surprise and fear elements of the hypo.
I get very shaky, I feel very hot and muddled and I can’t get a sentence out. I search frantically through my bag for my blood sugar testing meter and struggle to unzip the bag, open the testing strip pot, pick out a strip and jam it into the meter, prick my finger and get a decent amount of blood onto the testing strip. My hands and legs are so shaky by this time and I have this irrational fear that people in the office might KNOW. I want to hide. I wait for the reading, the five seconds seems to take forever and then search my desk drawer for the jelly babies. They are ridiculously hard to find (thank god I don’t have the additional problem of man looking) and shove around 5 in my mouth. They are incredibly hard to chew and I feel very annoyed that I am not enjoying the one bit of sugar I get to eat without feeling guilty. I feel guilty anyway. I have eaten too many and ten minutes later my sugars are way too high. I am left feeling exhausted like a hangover and have a headache for the rest of the day. Am paranoid that I have said/done something silly (I have had a telephone conversation with a teacher whilst doing this) and generally crap for the rest of the day.
So far, have only had them in the office, at home and one scary one at night, which makes you feel like rubbish for the next day. I am dreading one while teaching, or worse still, driving…