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sad conclusion…


Well today is the day I finally accept, after 43 years of denial (probably slight exaggeration as I don’t suppose I gave this much thought for the first 12 years of my life) that, wait for it…


Today I received irrefutable evidence in the form of my blood glucose testing meter.  For the first time since testing, I managed to get my BG within acceptable levels 2 hours after eating, despite eating mainly carbs (albeit a slow releasing one in the form of porridge).

I should be rejoicing, I should be dancing round the table, but frankly, after running for three quarters of an hour whilst pushing a 6 year old up hills on her bike, I am too knackered and my butt aches.  More to the point, I know where this sad conclusion is going – on lots more runs…..

Next step, practice knitting while running – so far have managed gentle swaying and garter stitch.  How I wish I loved a challenge.