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sad conclusion…


Well today is the day I finally accept, after 43 years of denial (probably slight exaggeration as I don’t suppose I gave this much thought for the first 12 years of my life) that, wait for it…


Today I received irrefutable evidence in the form of my blood glucose testing meter.  For the first time since testing, I managed to get my BG within acceptable levels 2 hours after eating, despite eating mainly carbs (albeit a slow releasing one in the form of porridge).

I should be rejoicing, I should be dancing round the table, but frankly, after running for three quarters of an hour whilst pushing a 6 year old up hills on her bike, I am too knackered and my butt aches.  More to the point, I know where this sad conclusion is going – on lots more runs…..

Next step, practice knitting while running – so far have managed gentle swaying and garter stitch.  How I wish I loved a challenge.


Being diagnosed


I am now in week 3 as a confirmed Type 2 diabetic.  This has caused me to spend a huge amount more time than usual thinking about myself and I need an outlet.  What better way to bore my friends and relations than to start a blog?  It will hopefully save my husband, Parmee’s ears if nothing else….

So, how did I come to be diagnosed you ask?  Well this is something of a mystery to me.  Not the actual being diagnosed bit – I know what happened then.  Basically I went for a routine health check, an offer that was sent to both me and parmee from the doctors,  a symptom of being over 40 I suppose.  It involved a blood test with a follow up nurse appointment.  Parmee sailed through his (apart from slightly high cholesterol) however the day after my blood test the doctor rang me up to say I had very high blood sugar and needed a starvation blood test. This I duly did at the hospital on a Saturday morning, followed by a repeat the next Saturday, by which point I resembled a middle aged knitting junkie.  Incidentally, whilst being unsurprised to find myself the only person knitting in the blood test waiting room filled with around 40 people, I was amazed to discover I was the only person who had brought anything to do.  Given the certain knowledge that you are going to be sitting waiting for at least half an hour, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to indulge in a few rows of knitting, or a book/magazine? It beats me.

Back to the mystery.  Upon discovering my diagnosis I found the highly informative Diabetes UK website.  Currently they are undergoing a publicity campaign to make people much more aware of Type 2 Diabetes and to get checked, as many people walk around un-diagnosed for years.  Trying desperately to ignore the rather gloomy statistics designed to shock people in to action (in any given year a person with diabetes is 36% more likely to die than someone without, 3 out of 4 people with diabetes suffer from kidney problems after 20 years and many other delights), I decided to find out my risk.  I scored  a big fat 0.  I am not overweight, my waist is under 31 inches, I have low blood pressure and perfect cholesterol (get me).  You too can find out your risk http://riskscore.diabetes.org.uk/type2risk/ – go on, you know you want to.

Suffice to say, I am feeling a little cheated, not to mention grumpy.  I have to date, been to the doctors more in the past couple of weeks than in my adult life (not counting having 2 children) and am learning all about my new diet (basically – if it something I like, I cross it off my list).

That’ll do for now, watch this space for more fascinating insights into my world of diabetes – coming soon, drugs and exercise…

Still, at least I have knitting.

Things I have learned so far:

bouncing on the trampoline is exhausting after around 7 minutes

always take something to do to the doctors/hospital

date each tablet or else you will lie awake in bed wondering if you took it or not

learn to smile politely when people say any variation on the theme of – oh well, at least you can sort it by just taking a tablet and controlling your diet/doing some exercise etc.