Monthly Archives: March 2014

Fading away


I have been in two minds about whether to moan about this one.  My year-ago self would have found it intensely annoying and I can’t blame her.  I have a new problem, one I would not have thought possible.  I am finding it hard to keep weight on.  Yes, that is me… I know all who know me would be laughing in amazement, if they weren’t too busy being annoyed.  I know, I know, I can here my sarcastic previous-self with the “poor you” face, but weirdly this will soon become a problem. I weighed 8 stone this morning, that is one and a half stone lighter than at diagnosis in September.  Whilst I enjoy casually waving my size 8 clothes in shop changing rooms, I am sure I am starting to resemble a plucked chicken.  I have this whole new mind set of “ooh, better have some extra cheese on that” Which is truly bizarre.  Am trying to come up with food that will keep me my current size, without raising the blood sugar….

feeling like Alice in Wonderland, can I wake up now?