The elephant in the room


I have always loved elephants.  They were my favourite animal alongside cats when I was a girl and just like my daughter today who spends hours drawing foxes, I drew elephants everywhere.  

This elephant however, I am a good deal less keen on.  It sits, dark and brooding in the corner of my living room and invades both my space and my mind.  It cannot be ignored.  The rest of the family are quite oblivious to it’s quiet menace.  The girls play in, on and around it, the husband sees it as another challenge to master. 

i have tried to embrace it, I asked for it after all, giving many of my friends a good laugh in the process, but still I feel it’s malevolence.  

I know I must make it my friend.  My little machine tells me how good it could be for me.  As does the nurse, doctor, the Desmond course  and all the books.  I want to put my hands over my ears and sing loudly over them all.


but thank you sister in law for lending it to me…


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