My eldest daughter often forgets to flush the toilet.  Yesterday I was faced with the largest loo log.  It seemed way too impressive for either of my daughters to have managed, however, I established was indeed daughter 1 (would have been more amusing to write daughter 2, but truth will out).

I then caught myself staring at it in admiration and longing for the time when I could create something of similar proportions.  You would have thought that a diet consisting largely of pulses and fibre would produce the opposite effect, but I seem to have turned into a rabbit in the pooing department.  Am blaming it on the drugs….


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    • I nearly took a photo, but then thought the better of it. Although I do have a photo of daughter 1’s poo when she was a tiny baby and had gone for 11 days without one – nappy explosion. Those were the says, sigh..

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