Monthly Archives: October 2013

unhealthy pastime


I have developed an unhealthy new pastime.  It involves staring at people who look as old, or older than me and who are fatter than me and who are eating something nice.  Whilst staring, the following goes through my mind:

1.  They are as old/older and definitely fatter than me, they should have diabetes, it’s NOT FAIR

2.  Hummm, perhaps they DO have diabetes and are just not being good and managing it properly

3.  I’m being a good girl, rub halo, feel justifiably righteous (I finally understand the lure of religion)

4.  They probably just don’t have diabetes, it’s NOT FAIR

5.  Actually they probably do, they just don’t know it yet, snigger

6.  Good grief, how can I be thinking such mean, uncharitable thoughts?

7.  Why am I doing this AGAIN

8.  Ooops they have noticed me staring

9.  Life was much easier when all I thought about was knitting….

10.  Oh look, there is another fat person eating WHAT THEY LIKE…..


Wee fit…


Wee fit...

Upon retrieving the Wii Fit stand-on-thingy I discover the dust elephants have been living it up. I eventually married it with the game disk which was found in the depths of the loft, past the wasps nest (such determination). I switch the thing on and it says:
“Well, if it isn’t Steph!
Nice to see you again!
It’s been 1352 days since our last session”
I find this level of sarcasm extremely unhelpful, although my heart rate does seem to have increased…